• 1/2″ shank is made for wet cabinet CNC machines
• 3.375″ overall length (without polarizer or boot)
• 3/4″ overall diameter
• Uses three common LR44 batteries (included)
• Repeatable Accuracy of .001″ (estimated)
• Includes dual polarizing attachment to minimize the thickness of the lines
• Includes vinyl boot

The Laser Center/Edge Finder™ is a tool for your CNC machine that saves setup time. It eliminates the frustrations and doubts of using the century-old indirect method with a conventional edge finder or wiggler.

The vinyl boot and machined flange on this model create a water-proof seal. The boot slides over the Laser Center/Edge Finder™ (with the polarizer removed) so you can leave it in your cabinet CNC tool rack.

The Laser Center/Edge Finder™ projects a series of concentric circles, making it easy to center over an existing hole. The unit comes with a dual polarizer attachment to allow the user to minimize the thickness of the lines for added accuracy.

The Laser Center/Edge Finder™ is easy to align, using the four alignment screws, so you can be sure it is always accurate. A target card and allen wrench are included to help with alignment.

The batteries last for over 3 hours of continuous operation. That is about 6 months to a year of normal use.