Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly, SDA Manufacturing strives to bring customers a tool that is versatile, functional and easy to use. We have made several important changes and wanted to let our customers know.

After a great deal of testing and customer review we feel that getting the best performance, under a wide range of working conditions, is made possible by using the polarizing attachment.

A polarizer is now included with the purchase of all units. Rotating the polarizer filters out a portion of the beam, progressively eliminating all but the most intense light. This decreases the size of the dot, increasing accuracy.

Upgraded Laser Module:

The new laser module does a better job of focusing more of the light into a smaller area. This makes the dot appear brighter.

Redesigned Aperture:

Testing has also demonstrated that a slightly larger aperature combined with the new laser lens actually produces a smaller dot, when used with the polarizer.


Without the polarizer, the new configuration is brighter than before. With the polarizer the new configuration produces a smaller dot than before. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.

You only need to add “International Shipping” to your cart one (1) time for orders of six or fewer units. If you would like to have more than six units shipped overseas, please place on-line orders in groups of six (or less), or contact us by phone or email to place an order of more than six units.

You do not need a PayPal account to use the PayPal Shopping Cart.

During checkout, if you prefer to use a credit card rather than a paypal account, simply click on the box indicating “If you do not currently have a paypal account”, and fill out the information requested thereafter.

The Wet Cabinet CNC LC/EF was created to provide Cabinet CNC machinists greater convenience and flexibility. A vinyl boot slides over the unit, and is sealed by the interface of an overhanging “shoulder” near the shank.

When the boot is in place the unit can remain in a wet environment. This allows the LC/EF to be left in the automatic tool changer rack while the machine is cutting.  If your ATC is outside of the main cabinet, you can just order the standard 3/8″ battery powered unit.

Just as with the mechanical edge finder or wiggler, it depends in part on the skill of the operator. For those with moderate machining skills it will do a 100% of your work with far greater speed and less effort than a wiggler or mechanical edge finder. For those with advanced skills, the LC/EF will do 80% to 90% of your work.

It is designed to make the majority of locating operations faster and easier. As with any tool, it is up to the operator to determine the most appropriate type of tool for a given job.

Estimated repeatability is 1/1000″ ~ 0.02mm

Click here for a customer review on the LC/EF’s accuracy

If left on continuously they last approximately 3 hours. If you turn it off after the few seconds it takes to use it, the batteries will last 6 months or a year, or longer, according to customer feedback. The batteries used are three of any of the following: LR 44, GPA76, AG 13, A 357, G13A. These are alkaline camera batteries available at drug and hardware stores or Radio Shack.

The laser module itself is rated for 10,000 hours of service.

You don’t turn on the machine to use it. Just place the machine in neutral and spin the mill collet to check for alignment, different quill bearings will have different run out.

The quickest way to align the laser is to place the provided Laser Alignment Target Card on your vise. Spin the quill by hand and see if it is making a circle or it is just a spot.

If it makes a circle, then it needs to be aligned.

Use the Allen wrench provided and loosen the north screw and tighten the south and then the east-west screws or vise-versa.  The procedure is similar to working on a 4-jaw chuck. (The screws just need to be lightly touching the laser module to make contact.)  It should only take a few seconds to align the unit.

The original unit is 3 3/8” long, with a 3/4” diameter, with shank sizes of 3/8”, 1/2” or 10mm. The Mini version is 2 3/4” long with a 3/4” diameter and shank sizes of 1/4” or 6mm. The Wet Cabinet CNC model is 3 3/8″ long with a 3/4″ diameter and a 1/2″ shank ONLY.
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