Safety Instructions

This is a Class 1 Laser Product

  1. DO NOT modify the unit or remove protective housing. Never attempt to remove the laser itself. Never operate the unit if the housing is damaged or defective. If damage occurs, return it to the manufacturer for repair.
  2. DO NOT stare directly at the laser beam or project the laser beam directly into the eyes of others, or at reflective surfaces. Always turn the unit off when not in use. Leaving the tool on increases the risk of someone inadvertently staring into the laser beam causing possible eye injury.
  3. DO NOT operate the Laser Center/Edge Finder ® around children or allow children to operate the tool. Do not place it in a position that may cause anyone to stare into the laser beam. Serious eye injury could result.
  4. DO NOT use the Laser Center/Edge Finder ® for any purpose other than those outlined in the instructions. Doing so could result in serious injury.