• 1/2″ Shank is made for standard mills and lathes
  • 3.375″ overall length (without polarizer)
  • 3/4″ overall diameter
  • AC Powered 110- or 240 VAC (power supply included)
  • Repeatable Accuracy of .001″ (estimated)
  • Includes polarizing attachment to minimize the size of the dot

The Laser Center/Edge Finder™ is a tool for your standard size mill, lathe or drill press which saves setup time. It eliminates the frustrations and doubts of using the century-old indirect method with a conventional edge finder or wiggler. The AC powered model is designed for jobs that require extended tracing of the design before it is actually cut

The Laser Center/Edge Finder™ projects a fine laser beam that directly indicates the edge of the workpiece. Move the beam to the edge of the work and set your dial to zero. It is that easy. No more calculating half the diameter of the edge finder.

You can also use the Laser Center/Edge Finder™ to locate scribed or center-punched locations. Simply move the laser beam to the location on the workpiece and the spindle is aligned.

The Laser Center/Edge Finder™ is easy to align, using the four alignment screws, so you can be sure it is always accurate. A target card and allen wrench are included to help with alignment.

This AC Powered model comes with a screw-in connection.