Photos:.Call for Entries!

Laser Center/Edge Finder ® welcomes customers to submit photos of their LC/EF in use, or of projects where you used the LC/EF.

Just send us some photos and provide any information you would like to accompany the image, to the address above.

In the mean time, check out some of our photos below.

Click the photo to see examples of the Polarizing Attachment in use!
Trade show demonstration rig.
Laser dot on a 100th scale rule from 2" above surface. Please note the camera makes the flare around the hot spot appear larger than with the naked eye. Click here for a larger image.

Moving the tool closer to the target surface will produce a smaller dot.

We have developed a Polarizing Attachment to give users greater control over the dot size/brightness which should help improve accuracy. Follow this link for a description of the Polarizing Attachment.

Original and Mini
Using the laser alignment target. Sometimes casting a shadow over the target area helps visibility on dark surfaces.

That is, the dot will be bright when hitting the white "+", but may "disappear" when it hits the blue area of the target card. Just use your hand to cast a shadow and the dot should become visible.

This photo of the laser dot was taken during a vise alignment with the tool about 1.5" above the jaws.

As you can see the dot is extremely small and is being viewed under strong ambient lighting. The jaws are highly reflective, so in this case, strong light actually makes it easier to resolve a small dot.

With a bit of patience you should be able to tune out any perceptible wobble in the laser dot. You can check the fine alignment by spinning the quill by hand and looking for any "wobble."

The LC/EF does NOT need to rotate during normal operation.

CNC LC/EF with vinyl water proof boot. This means you can leave the unit in your CNC tool rack between operations.