Operating Instructions:

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The three 1.5 volt batteries (LR-44 or equivalent) are already installed. Either a collet or drill chuck is required to use the unit.

Once the Laser Center/Edge Finder ® is installed in the mill, apply thumb pressure, slightly downward, to the black Battery Holder/On-Off switch and rotate in either direction. The white mark should be facing out when it is on. Do not turn upside down and look at the light source. Move the table until the laser light is showing down the edge of the material, or to find a punched mark, move the table until the light is in the center of the punched mark. This is the Direct Method. No more slightly touching the edge of the old center finder and then moving the table an additional amount, the Indirect Method.


Every unit is aligned after assembly. However, you should check the alignment on your own machine to account for any variation in run-out. A 5/64" Allen wrench is provided.

Should the unit be dropped and is no longer aligned, place the unit in the mill and realign, using the adjusting screws on the nose of the unit. If you find the unit is not aligned, it is a simple matter to re-align.

1. Place the Finder in a chuck or collet and turn the Finder on.

2. Rotate the chuck by hand and note the path traced by the beam. If it is making a circle rather than remaining as a dot, it needs to be aligned.

3. Place the provided Laser Alignment Target card so that the + is in the center of the circle of the beam path.

4. Rotate the chuck until the screws are in a North-South, East-West position.

5. Using a 5/64 Allen wrench, loosen the North screw and tighten the South Screw, for instance, and then the East-West screws until, when you rotate the chuck, it remains a dot on the surface.

Replacing Batteries:

1) To replace the three batteries:

2) Hold the unit NOSE UP (to prevent batteries from falling out).

3) Unthread the upper and lower parts of the unit.

4) Tip the shank end over so the batteries end up stacked on a table surface.

5) Stack three new batteries on top of each other (NUMBERS UP).

6) Slip the shank end down over the new batteries.

7) Thread the lower body onto the top body.

8) Check for alignment.

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