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Accessories LC/EF Magnetic Holder REV 2
What does it do? The LC/EF Magnetic Holder is CNC'd from a 6061 billet and a large NdFeB Rare Earth magnet is attached to the back of the holder so you can stick your LC/EF in any handy location...that is made of steel or iron of course. The lettering is engraved with a ball mill and then hand painted.

The LC/EF Holder is
FOR STORAGE ONLY. The acutal LC/EF unit must be held in a chuck or collet to function properly. The holder CAN NOT be used to hold the LC/EF during operations.

Product Update, Revision #2:

All LC/EF holders now have a 1/2" hole in the bottom so the LC/EF can be stored with the polarizer attached. Simply flip the LC/EF upside down.

How does it work? It works great! Try sticking it on the mill head for quick access. No more digging around in a drawer or worrying about it rolling off your table.