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I have found [the LC/EF] to be invaluable in my workshop, saving so much time on setup. It is always to hand and I would thoroughly recommend it.

Roger - Australia

I received my LC/EF today and it's great. I'm glad I ordered the mag holder and the polarizer too. I have used tit today on my lathe and my vertical mill and it works great.


I have been using the LC/EF for some time now and it is the best investment I have makes setting up so much quicker and easier. Today I received the polarizer attachment and this has made a great product even better.

Paul - Australia

Alignment on the one I have is perfect. It's a keeper!

Suggest you advertise in Live Steam and Home Shop Machinist. Cabin Fever Expo (and NAMES) is coming up too. Bet you could sell a bunch!

John - IL.

It is great!.

Brett - Bakersfield, CA

Yes it is easy to use..I also used to align the vise on the mill table.

Gale - Templeton, CA

Even though my experience is limited to a few days it is easy to use... send me a list of your other products.

Jack - Camarillo, CA.

I am spreading the word to my friends on the East Coast.

John - FL.

Enclosing a check for one of your marvelous little inventions. I look forward to using your laser device. I have spoken to friends and colleagues who want me to demo mine. I think you're on to something.

George S Napa, CA.

My Laser Center/Edge Finder arrived yesterday. Super Cool. Thanks, should make things easier and faster for a new machining hobbiest.


The thing does work nice, I used it yesterday. Am practicing with it to see how repeatable I can be; it's pretty easy to be within +/- .001

Called to give you rave reviews!

To Whom It May Concern:Yesterday I received my laser center indicator. Within 30 min. I was able to check concentricity on my Mill, lathe and drill press spindles. I was able to check two collets and three Jacobs chucks. I think your tool is the best thing since sliced bread.

Thanks again for a nice tool!

We purchased 2 of your center edge finders and love them.

Joseph - N. Carolina

I used the unit today on a variety of alignments on my mill. It worked well and was accurately aligned right out of the box. It is well built and a fair value... I like your invention and wish you great success. I will be using it on a regular basis I'm sure.... What is the new unit that you are working on?

Paul - Washington

Thank you very much for your mail. Yes the edge finder arrived last week (very fast) and was already put to good use.

Hansruddolf - Switzerland

The laser Edge Finder looks very good and works perfect so thank you.

Peter - The Netherlands

I was delighted to find my new Standard finder in the mailbox today - thanks for the prompt shipment. It is a very clever design!

James - Oregon

The edge finder arrived last Friday! In perfect working order and easy to handle.

Marc - Belgium.

Yes - Laser Wonderfull - 10 out of 10

James - New Zealand

Thanks for developing this thing. It looks like a great idea.

Tom - Hawaii

I received the 2 L C/E F a couple of days ago; thanks for the super-fast service! The thing does work nice, I used it yesterday. Am practicing with it to see how repeatable I can be; it's pretty easy to be within +/- .001 ... Thanks again for your responsiveness and an innovative product!!

Jim - SE Michigan

Thank you for the update and info concerning my recently purchased
laser locater. I have used this with great results, good product that does it's job as advertised, and that's refreshing! Showed this to my son, a quality machinist and CNC programmer, his comment was " I'd like to have one of those." I think he wanted mine, but I gave him your info instead. He should be receiving his own unit shortly.

William - St. Petersburg

Received my Laser Center/Edge Finder within 11 days of ordering (I'm on the west coast of Australia) excellent service! The edge finder is fantastic, I tried it straight out of the packaging and am absolutely impressed and pleased with it. Was singing its praises to a friend in the business of selling lathes, mills and other workshop equipment...Every workshop should have one!

David - Perth, Australia